Julia Jacklin is empowered and hopeful on new single ‘Head Alone’


“Give me the full length mirror,” sings Julia Jacklin on her new single, “so I can see the whole picture.” It’s at that point we’re fully hooked on the Australian singer-songwriter’s “Head Alone”, which sets the tone nicely for her forthcoming February 22 Polyvinyl release Crushing. We first got hip to Jacklin back in September when she opened for First Aid Kit at the Pavilion, and now she appears poised for a breakout 2019.

The video for the single is another visual collaboration with photographer Nick Mckk, and that can be viewed below.

“We shot this clip in the streets of Melbourne last minute before tour,” Jacklin says. “We waited until golden hour, Nick sat in the back of a car while my friend Tom drove and we just tried it as many times as we could before we lost light. This was the last take; I was exhausted from chasing the car but I think it worked because I gave up being graceful. I couldn’t think of what to do for this song because the words mean a lot to me and I didn’t want to distract people from the song. I just wanted to act the way the song makes me feel. Empowered and hopeful. Felt sick from the exhaust fumes but I think we captured the feeling.”

Feeling empowered while battling off nausea sums 2018 up rather perfectly.