Dude in corpse paint comes face-to-face with very good dog on LA street corner


A concerned pup and a black metal dude in corpse paint locked eyes on a Los Angeles street corner the other day, and we can’t take our own gaze off the exchange.

An Instagram video posted by @silverlakeghoul on Halloween shows him coming face-to-face with the pooch, which was sticking his head out the back window of a car stopped at a red light. We can only imagine the dog thinking “WTF” as he looked out onto the sidewalk to see the dude rocking his look.

Though @silverlakeghoul’s video has been viewed fewer than 3,000 times on his own Insta, his clip blew the fuck up on Twitter. A tweet Thursday by Clint Falin — with the caption “well one of us needs to go home and change” — has racked up nearly 1.8 million views. It’s been retweeted 65,000 times and liked more than 207,000 times. Comments on @silverlakeghoul’s Insta claim this shit made the front page of Reddit as well.


And it should.

It might be the best thing we’ll see all year, because you can’t reverse God without spelling D-O-G.