Lila Drew and GoldLink team up for a late-night mindset on 'faded/2am'


There are many different moods and mindsets one experiences at 2 a.m. For alt-pop/R&B newcomer Lila Drew, the time presents an opportunity to not only move on from someone — but to introduce herself to us. On debut track “faded/2am”, the 18-year-old London-born musician utilizes a minimalist musical approach to achieve depth in emotion, with diary-fed lyricism and a sophisticated pop lean.
It’s a curious premiere, the sound of someone we already feel oddly comfortable with. It was first conceived as a voice memo on her iPhone, and the Michael McGarity-produced joint is aided here by stateside rapper GoldLink, who features on the track.
“Goldlink has always been one of my favorite rappers,” Drew says. “I love the intersection of jazz, hip-hop, and dance in his music and was blown away when he heard my music and agreed to collaborate. He really understood what the song needed and brought it to life.” Adds GoldLink: “Lila is one of the most refreshing new voices in music, and I jumped at the opportunity to work together on her new single… I’m beyond excited for the world to hear it.”
It sounds fresh for any hours of the day.