D-Tension wants freedom for marijuana offenders on ‘Let My People Go’



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Everybody’s homie D-Tension is one of more than 50 bands and artists taking part in this weekend’s Town And The City Fest in Lowell, and he’s bringing with him one essential message: Stop the unjust incarceration of nonviolent, low-level marijuana offenders. On his new track “Let Me People Go,” D uses his tried-and-true old-school hip-hop methodology to declare his stance — his people are sitting in jail cells while corporations, big tobacco, and politicians take over legal marijuana business and all its profits and policies. The video is aided by news clips of those imprisoned by weed infractions, and the hypocrisy that surrounds how we’re treating one side of marijuana culture while ignoring necessary justice reform. The track is available for free download for those who cop the vinyl of D-Tension’s February album The Violence Of Zen, which we hyped earlier this year. Meanwhile, D-Tension’s Town And City Festival performance goes down Friday night (October 19) at The Old Court in Lowell. The rest of the fest includes sets by Abbie Barrett, Walter Sicker And The Army of Broken Toys, Anjimile, Ed Balloon, Kristin Hersh, Will Daily, Ali McGuirk, and more. Get the full schedule here.