Bastian Baker provides perspective to a fast-fading relationship on ‘SIX’


Sometimes, it’s all about the voice.

And the voice of Swiss artist Bastian Baker is something that gets us thinking, moving, and reminiscing. Like a less-raspy William McCarthy of Augustines but with the same dramatic impact, the Swiss singer-songwriter today (October 5) releases a new track called “SIX”, a fairly minimal yet highly affecting ballad aided by a simple pairing of guitar and violin. And it was inspired by both a breakup and a reconsideration of what we think of time.

“I wrote ‘SIX’ after spending a week in Los Angeles, with a girl I had been seeing on and off for a couple years,” Baker says. “I was staying at her place and although we had the best time the first two days, it quickly became more complicated. What had happened that week got me thinking — you know how they say that the seventh year is the most complicated year in a relationship? That week I had the feeling that the last seven days I had experienced with this girl were maybe the equivalent of seven years in other relationships.”


Baker is currently on tour in Europe with Shania Twain, so we expect his star to rise even further. He’s set to release his latest album, a self-titled effort, on October 26. And if ‘SIX’ is any indication, this voice should soon be everywhere — no matter how you measure the weeks, months, or years.