Soft Pyramids get straight nasty on a groove ‘Until It Hurts’



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It’s a damn shame those pesky Boston Music Awards ballots aren’t still open, because the nomination committee would likely have high interest in Soft Pyramids’ new song “Until It Hurts.”


Exhibiting a new sound, new-ish lineup, and some of its members working new instrumentation (bassist Shaun Curran switched over to keys; Max Liebman joined as bassist), Soft Pyramids have a bit of unique freshness going on. “Until It Hurts” positions the band’s October 5 album Lowrey Go Go as a must-hear; it feels like their very own “Paranoid Android,” a long (nearly six minutes) winding track that shape-shifts and dodges in and out of groove traffic while incorporating keyboards, vintage combo organs, and one sinister synth bassline. It’s easy to get lost in during that extended outtro.

Lowrey Go Go was recorded and mixed by Curran and mastered by Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, and two days after its digital drop it gets the release party treatment at State Park in Cambridge alongside FBGM and recent Vanyaland spotlighted project Rene Chambers. Featured image by Autumn Jordan.