Saint Mela provide an expansive musical one-two on ‘blk’ and ‘& blu’


A strange thing happens when you fire up the pair of new singles from New York City’s Saint Mela: You’re immediately transported into their world and back into your own all at once.

From the opening thumps of “blk” to vocalist Wolf Weston’s outro notes on “&blu,” this one-two serves as more than an introductory spin to the young genre-bending quartet — it’s a stark invitation. Saint Mela are gearing up for the release of their debut album this November, and the themes revolve around myriad disparate pieces that congeal over the course of the band’s musical journey.

As Weston puts it: “wounded aggressor. not quite the anger, but the desperation of lauryn hill’s ex-factor. (the place where perception can leave you unprotected.) the stage when healing requires proof. stilted smiles. appearances, appearances. intimacy with your thresholds. longer leaps as the bar is pushed. accepting your villainy. at peace with the cliff. the progression to when enough is enough to act on.”

Saint Mela officially release “blk” and “&blu” this Saturday (August 18) at New York City’s Berlin, but you can begin the personal mind expansion with the duo of tracks below.

Featured image by Liz Smalls Photography.