Night Club feed into our societal decay on ‘Your Addiction’


We know we’re slowly turning into doomsday freaks here at Vanyaland, but the world out there is very ill. Night Club, a dark electronic duo from Los Angeles, know this very well, and have shared another hypnotic cut from their forthcoming album Scary World. The glossy thumper of a track is called “Your Addiction,” and flows in black neon through the society’s bleakest corners. “The political environment in the US is definitely making us nervous,” the duo tell the UK’s Electricity Club in a recent interview. “Our new LP is sort of influenced by that but also very influenced by our own internal anxiety. It became apparent to us when we started writing this record that we both had a lot to say about the subject of anxiety. We have both suffered from that condition and the words just started to seep out of us. The album sort of morphed into an opus about mental illness and coping with it. By the time we finished the record, we ultimately realized that it’s about the scary world inside and outside of all of us. It’s also a warning to those younger than us about the road ahead.” Scary World is released in full on August 24. Featured image via Bandcamp.