Check out the first image from ‘Terminator,’ featuring Linda Hamilton

Tim Miller’s Terminator reboot has been “quietly” shooting for the last month or two, and on Wednesday, Paramount dropped a first-look image featuring the film’s female leads — Grace (Mackenzie Davis), Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), and, the badass silver fox herself, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). It’s not much of a first look, but it is something, and it is making us pretty pumped for this silly movie, especially now that Hamilton is back in action.

We’ve already guessed that Davis is going to be playing a Terminator of some sort (Birth. Movies. Death brings up some set photos that have been floating around recently), and, thanks to her weird-ass scars, we pretty much have confirmation of that fact. Now we’re just praying that she doesn’t get Kristanna Loken’d by this production. Remember back in Terminator 3 when Loken got out of a speeding ticket by making her breasts bigger? Boy, this franchise has really seen some tough times.

Still, we’re encouraged by Linda Hamilton’s presence, because something about this project must have been good enough for her to come out of semi-retirement for this (and we don’t just mean the paycheck). Miller has solid action chops, as he and he alone was responsible for the weirdly kinetic and fun action that made the first Deadpool film memorable. If anything, just by the virtue of him not being named “Alan Taylor” or “Tim Miller,” we’re confident that he’s going to do a better job than those guys did in their respective outings.

Terminator doesn’t still have a full or official title, but it does have a release date, which is November 22, 2019. It’s still shooting, so expect more details to be released in the coming weeks — we give it two weeks before we see Arnie in full leather costume.

Featured image via Paramount Pictures.