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Herizen escapes an empty Instagram utopia in ‘Social Jungle’


“Let’s make background noises to make it look like we’re having more fun than we are,” said every person using Snapchat and/or Instagram ever. Today though, we’re honing in on how perfectly the phrase is placed in Herizen’s new video “Social Jungle,” the setup for a critique of our current comparison-based culture. “I wrote ‘Social Jungle’ about LA and the constant need for validation by comparing yourself to others,” the singer says. “I want people to listen to the song, identify with the lyrics and become more human. I want them to know their worth.” Even with a solid message at its core, the vid still screams aesthetic “goals” at every possible moment. From the lush n’ lofty pre-game scenes before the 1:30 minute mark, to the Herizen’s tech-free nature frolic at the end, “Social Jungle” makes for a single that’s just as easy on the ears as it is on the eyes. Get free below.