Listen to Def Leppard cover Depeche Mode (or don’t, whatever)

Photo Credit: Ross Halfin

Look, we live in a world where Weezer covers Toto and everyone goes batshit, so why not get even deeper under the covers and let a famed hard rock band try their hand at a classic from a legendary synth-pop band? If you had “Def Leppard covers Depeche Mode” on your 2018 Is Ridiculous bingo card, strike that giant highlighter down with mighty force and get busy with “Personal Jesus” like you’ve probably never heard it. Def Leppard covered the track as part of the Spotify Singles series, and serves as the deuce in a one-two punch alongside the band’s 1987 single “Hysteria.” We’re kinda feeling this cover, it’s riff-y in just the right way, though the excessive breathing midway through is a bit much. Anyway, Def Leppard play Fenway Park on August 11 with Journey and Cheap Trick. What a year. Featured photo by Ross Halfin.