Miles Teller is Maverick’s new wingman in ‘Top Gun 2’


Last week, a few outlets reported that the search for the young hotshot to star alongside Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2 (officially titled Top Gun: Maverick but who the hell is going to call it that) was down to three names — Glen Powell (currently seen in Netflix’s Set it Off), War Boy Nicolas Hoult, and psycho drummer Miles Teller — each of whom screen-tested alongside the Mission Impossible star in the last few weeks. Today, Variety got the exclusive: It’s gonna be Teller who suits up as Goose’s kid and flies high in the sequel from Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski.

Roll the volleyball match, yo, and imagine Teller’s face over Goose’s for an idea of exactly how this scene will look when the movie hits theaters next year, which is pretty accurate given how Cruise hasn’t aged a single day since 1985.


We’re sure that Teller will do a fine job with whatever material Kosinski and company gives him, especially if he’s finally able to get over the hangover he has from the Eagles’ Super Bowl win back in February, and we have to admit that he fits the profile for somebody like Goose well enough. Our asses are a little bit chapped that our Everybody Wants Some!! crush Powell didn’t get the role, but you can’t win them all, we guess. Besides, he’d make Cruise look bad with that handsome face of his, and we know that the man behind Risky Business wouldn’t stand for that, especially not in Top Gun 2, of all things. So we’ll just have to settle for Academy Award-nominee Miles Teller, we guess, and that’ll be fine enough. Psssh.

Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters on July 12, 2019. We look forward to the Quentin Tarantino monologue that tells us how this is actually the most homoerotic mainstream movie released in some time.


Featured image from War Dogs via Warner Bros. via MoviestillsDB.