The Coral embrace our robot overlords in ‘Eyes Like Pearls’


We don’t mean to alarm anyone, but by our count it’s been about 16 years since we all first heard The Coral’s “Dreaming Of You.” Needless to say, we haven’t gotten it out of our heads since, but the enduring British psych-pop group are back to nudge for additional room in our dome spaces, and their latest entry is the romantic new single “Eyes Like Pearls.” The easy-glide track is the latest off The Coral’s forthcoming August 10 album ‘Move Through The Dawn’, and arrives via an eye-catching video directed, animated and produced by Neil Mclean. “The video is “like a cross between Button Moon and Short Circuit,”” says Coral frontman James Skelly. ““It puts a whole new spin on the song. We love it, Neil did a great job.”” We agree. Featured image by Ben Morgan.