You’ll never be cooler than Miki Berenyi playing Game Boy during Lolla ’92 at Great Woods


We’ll play this one pretty straight: You’ll never be as cool as Lush’s Miki Berenyi getting in some Game Boy action during Lollapalooza’s 1992 stop at Great Woods in Mansfield.

And Berenyi has the image to prove it, which she posted on Twitter a few days ago.

“People think when you shut yourself in the ‘relaxation room’ for hours with the shades drawn, you’re doing heroin or having a wank,” Berenyi tweeted. “The reality is you’re in GameBoy world being Bart Simpson hurling tofu burgers and broccoli spears.”


Turns out on this day, August 7, Berenyi was playing Bart Simpson’s Escape From Camp Deadly, which she admits she never completed (we never could either). “I’m fairly certain I never finished it,” she replied to a comment. “Zelda/[Final Fantasy] etc were more my thing — gentler learning curve!”

There might have been good reason for Berenyi to keep to herself with the the shades down on this particular tour stop. Lollapalooza ’92 in Mansfield (the venue now known as XFinity Center) was notorious for the bonfires that broke out around Great Woods — “from wood torn from the back fences… during the Ministry and Red Hot Chili Peppers sets,” wrote the Hartford Courant — which forced the festival into Rhode Island exile for the next two years before returning in 1995.

And that outburst from fans was a shame, because the Lolla ’92 lineup was legendary. In addition to RCHP and Ministry, the day also featured Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Ice Cube, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and others.


Ay, caramba!

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