Jealous of the Birds’ new jam ‘Plastic Skeletons’ has us flying high


So we were riding around the mountains of Vermont this past weekend when Jealous of the Birds’ new track popped off on our preferred satellite radio station. It’s called “Plastic Skeletons,” it has this kinetic Menace-era-Elastica-meets-Luscious-Jackson vibe to it, and it’s the kind of uber-cool shit that inspires a person make all sorts of SONG OF THE SUMMER declarations. Good lord this is some hot stuff coming straight out of Belfast, and it serves as the lead single to Jealous of the Birds’ forthcoming EP The Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep, which hits in July. “This record is a postcard of the last three years from me to you — full of honey & white lightning,” says Jealous of the Birds’ principal Naomi Hamilton. “I hope it reaches you.” We’re stoked it has. Featured image via Big Hassle.