Yes You Are know you can always ‘Come Back Home’


In February 2017, Kansas City’s Yes You Are crashed millions of parties and households when Pepsi debuted their song “HGX” via a television commercial. The only problem was that it aired during Super Bowl 51, and many here in New England were preoccupied with the Patriots’ historic comeback victory over the Falcons. If you missed the ad, fear not — an intriguing entry point to Yes You Are’s style and substance arrives in “Come Back Home”, a gospel-fed track that jumps out of speakers big and small at equal intensity. “We traveled 1,618 miles to write a song about coming back home,” says Yes You Are’s Kianna Alarid, who you may recall from 2000s indie-pop band Tilly and the Wall. “This song was inspired, in an dark LA studio, by the idea of someone that’s worth waiting for, and became a plea for the wait to be over soon. Alt Americana took a turn toward the divine when we created a gospel choir out of only two voices, and what we wound up with is a genre fluid reunion of sounds, which might just bring you to tears like it did for me. I think we all eventually come back home. ‘Is that you that I see walking’ down the road?’ I sure hope so.” Watch it below.