Bastille return with video for escapism anthem ‘Quarter Past Midnight’


For better or worse, Bastille may forever be chasing the majestic glory of their 2013 single “Pompeii,” which should show up on plenty of Songs of the Decade list in roughly 15 months or so. But Dan Smith’s indie band has crafted a sneaky stellar career across two albums over the years, and now return with a vibrant new video for recent escapist anthem single “Quarter Past Midnight,” which is already around the six-million stream mark around the globe.

The single will be featured on Bastille’s forthcoming third album, the follow-up to 2016’s Wild World. Here’s what Smith has to say about the clip:

“We made the video over a couple of days and nights in Paris with our incredibly talented friend, and long-time collaborator, Austin Peters,” Smith says. “It’s a nod towards some of our favorite films and directors. Like the album as a whole, it’s a surreal journey through euphoric highs and lows of a night, and all that comes with it: The escapism, warped realities, and unclear memories. A bunch of friends came along to be involved and help make the video. We’re really happy that they did because it’s a celebration of all the amazing people who are partying and feeling alive at night, in light of the strange, dark world we live in. And we could all use a bit of celebration sometimes.”

Cheers to that.

Featured Bastille photo by Ewen Spencer.