Citing confusion, Baby! changes name to Honey Cutt


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Bye, bye Baby!

Hello Honey Cutt.

The Boston band led by songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Kaley Honeycutt announced via Facebook today (May 21) a new moniker, leaving behind her rather common name and opting for the more searchable, more unique Honey Cutt.

“As some of you may know, our band name Baby! is essentially unsearchable on Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. This can be frustrating for people trying to find our music. In addition there are other bands with the same name and we’ve had fans think we are touring their city, & purchase tickets for the wrong band. We really find this disappointing want to relieve the confusion.”

As Baby! began generating a following in the Boston music scene and starting getting national attention, a new name seemed inevitable for the band that released an excellent LP last year titled Sunny F.L., which referenced Honeycutt’s hometown of Orlando, Florida. So she decided on Honey Cutt — a two-word split of her surname.

“This is a name I feel represent me as an artist (Kaley Honeycutt) and the music I’m writing,” Honeycutt adds. “We hope the name change will make us more accessible to all! That being said Look out for Honey Cutt! We’ve got lots of new things coming your way! Thanks all for your support!!!”

In an August 2017 feature, Honeycutt told Vanyaland that her choosing the name Baby! centered around her being the “kid sister” of four older brothers, picking the name after years of being heralded as the crybaby of her family. “I chose the name Baby! because I saw it as a way to embrace a part of myself that I was teased about for a long time — which is just being a very sensitive and emotionally open person,” Honeycutt said.

Honey Cutt play The Sinclair with Bully on September 28.

Featured Honey Cutt image by Andrew Piccone.