Spiritual Cramp spike their hardcore on ‘I Feel Bad Bein’ Me’


After dishing out their own personal version of Mass Hysteria, San Francisco’s Spiritual Cramp are following up their March EP with Police State, out June 8 on Deranged Records. Starting the wreckage is “I Feel Bad Been’ Me,” an unintelligible but punk-spiked romp that chars their retro hardcore with the horror of modern politics. “It’s about walking into rooms full of people and tripping out on myself… tryin’ to come on strong like an earthquake but comin’ on like a little headache,” says lyricist Michael Bingham. “I project my own self image onto social interactions and it really throws a wrench into my good times. We live in a gross, damaged country that promotes a culture of non-fulfillment, but everyone has these calculated images of themselves they want to project onto the world. I don’t blame anyone — it’s a product of the design.” Tune into the group’s quickly-ascending agitated delirium below. Featured image via Bandcamp.