John Mayer is cruising remarkably smooth in a ‘New Light’


Back in Summer 2016 we had some headline fun with John Mayer, who rocked a sweet picnic table look while playing Fenway Park with Dead & Co. It was all in good fun for Berklee’s most infamous alum, but here in 2018 we’re finding ourselves grooving mightily to Mayer’s new single, “New Light.” This delicately casual jam is cruising pretty smooth into Yacht Rock territory, and Mayer getting into some ’70s and ’80s soft-rock sounds is not only a surprising look, but a decidedly good one (we’re also feeling that windbreaker in the press photos). Anyway, we’re just a few short weeks from everyone dishing out their own Yacht Rock playlists (Toto, Kenny Loggins, and Sir Christopher Cross all summer, baby), and now we have a modern entry into what we can only predict as the true Song of the Summer 2k18. Feel the glow from that “New Light,” and come at us if you want.