Sunshine Brothers Inc. jam it out smooth on ‘In Your Dreams’



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If you’re looking for a sleek, new dance jam to help you shake the stress of finals week, Sunshine Brothers Inc. have you covered with their brand new single, “In Your Dreams,” which drops today (May 10).

The UMass Amherst-based quartet, comprised of musicians deeply influenced by the R&B stylings of artists like Anderson .Paak, wanted to delve deeper into the music they’ve been listening to. Here they’re drawing from that influence and bring to life a beat that found itself rooted in some sort of jazz subgenre with a bit of an indie vibe that drives the tune.

“That’s what we as a group have been listening to a lot lately, so it came out of that,” frontman Jake Weissman tells Vanyaland. “It started out with a bassline I came up with, then I put some drumtracks over it in GarageBand, because we liked the sound of that, and we built the melodic part of the progression around that.”

The funky ambience of the track intended to present the visual of being on a dance floor, a setting that Weissman finds himself in regularly, and when writing the lyrics, he wanted to convey a personal feeling that he experiences frequently while grooving out.

“It’s really just a bigger way to express the feeling of when you’re attracted to somebody because they emit that air of superiority or exclusivity, even though you know it might be bad for you,” says Weissman. “It’s essentially about processing an internal conflict while you’re on a dance floor.”

While they’ve been playing “In Your Dreams” at gigs for the better part of the last three months in venues around New England and New York, Sunshine Brothers Inc. are excited to bring the track out, in all of its newly-released glory, for a new batch of gigs around Western Mass. and beyond.

While it serves as a taste of their upcoming EP, with a tentative release date aimed for late summer or early fall, it will be the only song recorded in Weissman’s dorm room. “I chose to do it that way because it’s just sort of sonically different, and we want to try and have some sort of cohesiveness to our songwriting as a band, and that just had a different feeling than doing the song in a studio setting.”