Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: The Beast of Nod



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Studio 52 Spotlight: The Beast of Nod

What Studio 52 Says: Weaving together aspects from tech and prog metal, The Beast of Nod brandishes their own ‘intergalactic death metal’ that explodes at the seams in each track they put out. With two EPs under their belt (Enter the Land of Nod from 2015 and Arrival from 2016), The Beast of Nod are currently finishing up their debut full-length album, titled Vampira: Disciple of Chaos. If the impending record is anything like their previous two ventures, we can fully expect another colossal set of songs built by masters of the genre. Somehow managing their feat with only four members, the band’s technical prowess really breaks through on tracks like Arrival’s “Cephalopod of Doom,” where guitarist Görebläster Lunden’s blistering riffs scream at the speed of light next to vocalist Paul Buckley’s raucous and proper death metal howls. The rhythm section, consisting of bassist Brendan Burdick and drummer Nate MacMillen, elevates the foundation of the songs with thumping bass riffs and breakneck blast beats. They represent one of the finest displays of metal the city has to offer and we’re thrilled to have them forging their craft in our facility. In anticipation of the new record, the band has teamed up with a VR studio to release a handful of immersive videos to accompany the songs from the album, creating a fresh and unique way to experience the band’s music. The videos will be released starting this month leading up to the release of the album. Before then, you can catch them this Sunday night (April 29) at The Middle East Upstairs with Merithius, Divinex, and Myth of I. Hopefully the the roof holds.— Andrew Maroney, Studio 52


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