Silverpalms bring the bounce back to nightlife on ‘Hey You’


Peep the chorus of Georgia outfit Silverpalms’ debut single “Hey You,” and the sentiment might sound familiar. “Why did I come here,” singer Dalton Drury bemoans with a certain cigarette-soaked dread, “Oh I hate this place.” That arrives right before Drury drops the diss: “The dance floor here has got me dead in the grave.” It’s true millennials hate going out, and for good reason — it’s overpriced and it sucks. But just as Silverpalms can issue a putdown, they can bring the bounce back just as quick, and “Hey You” is their first endeavor in making nightlife tolerable — or, in this case, actually good — again. Spoiler: It’s a banger, and enough to get you going whether you go out or stay in.