Graneros close the barn door behind them on new EP “‘The Bull’ ’65”



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Last year, Barns were the first band to play the Rock And Roll Rumble, kicking off 2017’s preliminary week with a little bit of Sunday night guitar-rock fury at ONCE Ballroom. When they woke up the next morning, they got hit with a cease and desist from some lawyer representing some other band called Barns from somewhere else.


“I think maybe the Rumble press plus our Spotify accounts getting mixed up put us on their radar,” bassist Chrs Wolz tells Vanyaland. “It was all pretty stupid because the lawyer was the wife of one of the band members and they play like one a show a year. Also lost a bunch of merch but whatever.”

Undeterred, Barns translated their name, literally, into Spanish, becoming Graneros. As an old punk once said, when one barn door closes, another one opens. Or something.

Anyway, Graneros celebrate new EP “The Bull” ’65 with a release show this Saturday (March 31) at Opus in Salem. And while the moniker has run through Google Translator, the Boxford band’s sound remains consistent; melodic indie rock interspersed with alt-rock and punk to craft gritty, malleable music with hooks rusted out to a jagged shade of auburn. “The Bull” ’65 was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios, and the result is a punchy EP that manages to cruise along in its guitar-rock lane.


Soundtrack your Friday with it below, and be sure to close the Barns doors behind you.