Teenage Wrist sling their glistening alt-rock towards the Northeast


One of the worst-kept secrets of this still-young year is our affinity for Teenage Wrist.

The Los Angeles alt-rock trio first caught our attention in January with a glistening track called “Dweeb”, and then not only held it but expanded it earlier this month with the release of remarkably genuine debut LP Chrome Neon Jesus. For weeks now we’ve been quietly bugging local talent buyers to bring Teenage Wrist to Boston (it’s true, just ask one), and now we get our wish: Teenage Wrist play The Sinclair in Cambridge on June 15.

The bad news is that it’s not a headlining gig. The good news — actually, categorize this under “great” — is that they’re on tour with Pianos Become The Teeth and The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die.


Well hot damn.

Teenage Wrist jump on the tour starting June 5 for 10 dates around the Northeast, so for many of us, this’ll be our first chance to hear in a live setting songs like “Swallow” and “Stoned, Alone,” just some of the components that help compose our favorite record of 2018 so far.

For a quick catch-up on the other bands, check out Barry Thompson’s review of Pianos’ February show at Great Scott in Allston, then wind back a bit further for his January ’17 review of the TWIABP show at The Middle East in Cambridge.


Barry will probably ask to review this Sinclair date, too. We just might let him.

Featured photo by Dan Monick.