Anyway, here’s The Killers covering ‘Wonderwall’ at Lollapalooza


Backbeat, the word was on the street that Liam Gallagher had to cut short his set over the weekend at Lollapalooza in Chile. So The Killers stepped up and gave the crowd their own rendition of Oasis’ Britpop classic, “Wonderwall.”

According to reports, Gallagher succumbed to a “chest infection” and stopped his show four songs in at Chile’s O’Higgins Park. After performing still-bangin’ solo single “Wall of Glass,” Gallagher apologized, told the crowd that his voice was “absolutely smashed,” and admitted that he “can’t sing a tune.”

As we await the humorous commentary from brother Noel over that last admission, The Killers filled in one gap on Gallagher’s aborted set with a spontaneous bout of “Wonderwall.”


“Liam Gallagher is my King,” frontman Brandon Flowers told the crowd. “This is in no way meant to disparage anything that he did… He’s got problems today. But any night that ‘Wonderwall’ is being sung by a lot of people is just a good thing.”


The Killers, by the way, headline Boston Calling in May.