’27 Gone Too Soon’ looks into the mysterious deaths of certain musicians


The 27 Club. It’s one of those mythical unsolved mysteries. How did we lose so many talented artists at the exact same age? Jim Morrison. Kurt Cobain. Amy Winehouse. Jimi Hendrix. Brian Jones. Janis Joplin. The musicians didn’t necessarily outlive their usefulness, but died tragically either by unfortunate accidents or succumbing to various addictions.

Now, there’s a documentary on the unsettling phenomena, titled 27 Gone Too Soon. The trailer for the film, which can be seen below, features rare and unseen footage, alongside interviews with musicians ranging from Gary Numan to Olly Alexander from synthpop outfit Years & Years. There’s also testimonials from critics and music industry insiders, medical and psychiatric experts, all looking into what the hell this madness is all about.

27 Gone Too Soon was directed by Simon Napier-Bell and comes out March 26 via Bulldog Films. There will be a screening of the film on the day of release at the Regent Street Cinema in London.