Szechuan Sauce is back, and there’s enough for everybody (no rioting plz)


After embarrassing themselves enough this past October to force the hand of the world’s shadiest fast food company, Rick and Morty fans will be pleased to know that the McDonald’s corporation has made good on their promise, and starting today, Szechuan Sauce is available at every McDonald’s restaurant across the country. They’ve made 20 million new packets of the meme-worthy sauce, and we’re sure that if you were to walk down to the one in Allston, you could enjoy your nuggets and sauce in peace.


The corporations do listen!

Announced last week, the release of the sauce is accompanied by a podcast- fittingly titled The Sauce produced by podcasting affiliates of two high-profile media outlets, Gizmodo and The Onion, who are most definitely better than this.

The less said about that, the better.

No joke, though, we passed by the Kenmore location back when the sauce made its limited-edition appearance in the fall, and it was absolute insanity. You had cosplayers milling about amongst the BU bros there just because it was a novelty near campus, and it was hot enough that it made everything uncomfortable. We didn’t have any rioting, mainly because of how ridiculously long the line was, and people had already started to filter out towards the Green Line station by the time we got there. So, now all those underserved people from before can go back and briefly relive moments from their childhoods, in which they ate the sauce prior to seeing Mulan, and are lulled back into the peaceful bliss of nostalgia (it also just struck us that most of those BU kids in line might not have been alive when the sauce was first out, which is… odd).

And given that there’s a live-action adaptation of Mulan coming out next year, we’d wager you’ll see this sauce (and the Chinese take-out nugget holders) again pretty soon. In the meantime, eat up! Your benevolent corporate overlords have rewarded your patience.

Featured image via McDonalds.