This dude tried to take a selfie on stage with Converge and it did not go well


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Look, we have no fucking idea what in the name of Jacob Bannon would possess someone to jump on stage and try to take a mid-set selfie with Converge.

But hey, it’s 2018, and that’s what went down Tuesday night (January 23) during the Massachusetts metalcore band’s show at Cornerstone in Berkeley, California, the latest stop on their “The Dusk In Us Tour” along the West Coast. Needless to say, it did not go well.

As Tanda Media notes, one misguided fan jumped on stage between songs, and parked himself next to Bannon. As the band started to rip into their next song, the kid raised his hand and attempted a selfie. Bannon just stood there, exuding some kind of “This fucking guy” demeanor before bassist Nate Newton and drummer Ben Koller aborted the song and tried to shoo the guy away.

Adding insult to injury, the selfie-taker then attempted to stage dive as boos rained down on him, and it appears that no one in the audience was in the mood to catch a case of douchery. It’s unclear if he hit the floor, or if he just fell straight down into the depths of hell, never to be seen ever again.

The Story So Far bassist Kelen Capner captured the entire ordeal and posted the video to Instagram, so now we have it on record as a lesson on what not to do at a Converge show — or any show.

Maybe Jack White is on to something by banning phones.

Unforgivable. @converge

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