Someone edited out all the men in ‘Saving Private Ryan’


The internet got all worked up a few days ago when men’s rights activists uploaded a fan edit of The Last Jedi that significantly reduced or eliminated the roles and contributions from all women in the film. Well, “all worked up” is probably a reach — everyone pretty much just laughed at the 46-minute “De-Feminised Fanedit (aka the Chauvinist Cut)”, including the Star Wars episode’s director, Rian Johnson, and its stars Mark Hamill and John Boyega, who all publicly mocked the effort.

Perhaps the best response to that edit has come from @LoganJames, who has edited out all the men from Steven Spielberg’s 1998 war classic Saving Private Ryan. The film has been cut from 169 minutes to a manageable 2:20, and as the NME notes, it’s rather peaceful.

“In response to the MRA douche who edited all the women out of #TheLastJedi, I decided to edit all of the men out of Saving Private Ryan,” he writes. “Here it is in its entirety.”


Watch it over and over and over.