Watch the ‘Black Panther’ trailer, featuring music from Kendrick Lamar

The highlight of the College Football Playoff National Championship wasn’t seeing Alabama or Georgia take the field for a frankly underwhelming game (at least in the first half) or to watch the President forget the words to the National Anthem.

Rather, for all those watching at home who couldn’t afford a $2,300 ticket to see the game, it was the new Black Panther trailer that dropped after a frankly epic performance from “King” Kendrick Lamar. Among other things, we have new glimpses at Wakanda, some kick-ass action, and a first look at Forrest Whittaker’s character.

We’re still amazingly hyped for this movie, and holy shit do we love how much chaos Ulysses Klaw’s new mechanical arm causes, especially in Shanghai. He’s got some interesting perspective on things, and may be the closest in form that we’ve seen Marvel come to making a Joker of their own. Ryan Coogler still brings the jaw-dropping action, and Chadwick Boseman is the kind of awesome badass that the Superhero genre needs in the absence of Hugh Jackman.

Did we mention the new Kendrick song in the preview? And did we also mention that it has Vince Staples featured on it? We didn’t? Silly us. Well, it sounds like a cut from Damn., and we’ll update this post with more details as soon as we get them.

So yeah, we can’t wait, and we’re sure that you can’t either. Did we mention tickets are on sale now? You should probably go and get them ASAP.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16.

Image via screengrab.