That’s Hoth: Columbia unveils ‘Star Wars’ winter coats for your next Echo Base party

Somewhere, in a galaxy far, far, away, there is a place where the winters are warm — nay, balmy — and snow is a vague and mysterious concept. But that place is not Boston, where the wind chill numbs your face four out of 12 months in the year and the snowpocalypses are plentiful.

In fact, every January feels a lot like Hoth, the ice planet from Empire Strikes Back.

And that is precisely why we all need a new winter coat from Columbia’s limited edition collection of jackets inspired by the Star Wars film. The line officially dropped less than a week ago on December 8, putting 1,980 of each style on the market in honor of the movie’s release in 1980.

Each of Columbia’s three new Echo Base jackets mimics an iconic look from Empire Strikes Back’s opening battle, from tan coats similar to Luke and Leia’s, to a parka with faux fur modeled after Han Solo’s tauntaun-riding getup. The descriptions for the coats get pretty creative, too.

“You’ll stay warm and dry whether you’re patrolling an ice planet or getting ready for a duel with your father,” reads the online description for Luke’s jacket, while Han’s boasts a hood that “allows you to slip past bounty hunters incognito whether you’re on the ice planet Hoth or a bit closer to home.”

With The Last Jedi in theaters this weekend, store shelves in the mall are overflowing with Star Wars-themed action figures, plushies, and oversized coffee mugs, but those just won’t do in the this climate. The Columbia jackets might be considerably more expensive than a new Star Wars Funko Pop figure but they’re also considerably cooler than Funko Pop figures, so there’s that.

While the coats are is already sold-out online (some eBay auctions have them priced as high as $1,600), the line is still available at select Columbia store across the country. The closest appears to be at the W. 14th Street shop in New York City, but you can check out the full list here.

May the warmth be with you.