Vintage Video: Take a trip back to Spooky World’s early-’90s Massachusetts origins


Someone probably told you already, but here’s a little secret: Today is Halloween.

Maybe you’re currently at work, maybe you’re taking the cat trick or treating, maybe you’re just counting down the hours until our party tonight at Hojoko. Whatever you are doing, chances are you’re also thinking about the Halloweens of your youth, a golden era of unlimited candy and silly string street corner assassinations.

Boston comedian and TV Guidance Counselor podcast host Ken Reid has kicked our Halloween nostalgia into overdrive this morning, unearthing a nearly decade-old YouTube video that transports us back to Spooky World’s early-’90s origins in Berlin, Massachusetts.

“Happy Halloween from 1991, back when Spooky World here in Mass was unique,” Reid writes. “Horror hadn’t become mainstream and it was the world’s most amazing treat to get to visit this place.”

The video was published by Bruce Millet back in 2008, and seems to have flown under the radar ever since. Millet says the footage is from 1991 to 1994.

In the late-’90s, Spooky World relocated to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, and after a few years bounced around from the Bayside Expo Center to New Hampshire’s Canobie Lake Park. It now resides permanently in Litchfield, New Hampshire, partnered with the Nightmare New England horror scream park.

For more on the Berlin location an its early years, click here.