Call the number on this ‘Disaster Artist’ billboard for a delightful surprise

As a part of the marketing campaign for James Franco’s excellent The Disaster Artist (which we saw at TIFF), A24 has recreated one of the most iconic pieces of advertising in cult movie history: The long-standing and deeply bizarre billboard that director Tommy Wiseau had put up in honor of his film’s release back in 2003.

That movie, The Room, would go on to be one of the most legendarily terrible pieces of junk to ever hit screens, and it’s now beloved the world over for it’s (lack of) quality. Talk to any dork worth their salt who was in LA from 2003 to 2008, and they’ll tell you about seeing that weird-ass billboard with Wiseau’s glowering face and that horrible font.

Now the movie about the making of Wiseau’s film has brought back the billboard in question, with a similar phone number at the top. We’re not going to tell you what happens when you do (don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe, unless you’re desperately afraid of men with “New Orleans” accents), but just know that Seth Rogen thinks that James Franco might pick up if you call at the right time. All in all, it’s a cool little tribute to a weird-ass piece of advertising that’s growing more iconic by the day.

The Disaster Artist hits theaters on December 1.

Featured image via trailer screen grab.