New Sounds: Glacier visualize ‘Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be as Wool’


Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

The music of Glacier is best absorbed with eyes closed. Whether listening to their recent LP Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet, They Shall Be White As Snow; Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be As Wool on the turntable in a darkened room, or nestled somewhere near the stage of their live performance, the gentle sway the Boston five-piece influences on the body and mind unlocks a true inner mental journey.

So as Glacier unveil their music video for “Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be as Wool,” it’s clear they understand that it’s the music that controls the narrative, and any sort of storyline presented through visuals would likely only dismantle the listener’s own thoughts and emotions as the song barrels along a 16-minute journey of peaks, valleys, and sonic affirmation. To fill the screen, the band took to The Record Co. in Boston, where drummer Jesse Vengrove serves as program director, and concocted a straight-forward video detailing how each member, especially their trio of guitarists, provides his own layers to their musical heft.

“We’re excited to have this video to serve as an accompaniment to our new record,” Glacier’s Dooley tells Vanyaland. “As a group, we tend to stray away from anything that doesn’t highlight the music. That being said, we utilized the resources we had to invite the listener to watch us play the latter half of the record. The idea was that we really wanted whoever might be interested to experience the feeling of intimacy of being in a room with us while we play. This marks the only time you’ll see Glacier live without going deaf.”

Adds Vengrove with more detail on the track itself: “The record was originally recorded over at Rubber Tracks which is a beautiful room but both Stephen (Lo Verme, of Treebeard Media) and I really wanted to take advantage of the space that Studio A at The Record Co. provided. The music is just so big and we wanted the video and audio to reflect that. We love that people can listen to the record in the comfort of their own home but we also wanted the video to reflect the intensity that comes out of the five of us all together in a room.”

They’ll be in a room together once again November 17, when Glacier pummel O’Brien’s Pub in Allston for their record release. Wide eyes not required for admission.