New Sounds: The Cribs survive the times and rock along the ‘Rainbow Ridge’


Back in our former lives, The Cribs ruled the indie dance party with “Men’s Needs,” a rollicking guitar-rock banger that stands as the best song The Strokes never managed to write. Led by the brothers Jarman — Gary (bass/vocals), Ryan (guitar/vocals), and Ross (drums) — the English indie rock band has endured at a time when most of their brethren born in the aptly-named aughts have faded from view, and return to town tonight showing off recent album 24-7 Rock Star Shit at the Middle East in Cambridge.

It’s an occasion of note, for sure, as The Cribs have always managed to stay both relevant and just outside the targeted view of pop scrutiny, and their new LP is a sort-of return to form to when we first felt smitten. One of 24-7 Rock Star Shit’s standout tracks is “Rainbow Ridge,” a raw, restless jaunt that echoes their early rock restlessness, with a bit of a grunge chaser thrown in.

The Cribs were always at their best when playing dirty, and “Rainbow Ridge” serves as a nice affirmation of a band still not only in the game after 15 or so years, but playing it at their own pace.


Tonight’s show at the Mid East also features the Boston’s irrepressible Dirty Bangs and Glasgow guitar rippers PAWS, so arriving early is recommended. Get fired up accordingly with “Rainbow Ridge” below.

Featured Cribs photo by Steve Gullick.