Party Monsters: Where will Lady Gaga turn up after her Fenway Park shows?


When Lady Gaga announced that her Joanne World Tour added a second show at Fenway Park, the blessing was twofold; it not only allowed another 37,000 New England fans to snag a ticket to the show and live out all their Little Green Monster fantasies, it also meant that she’d have to stay the night in Boston in between gigs… somewhere.

That means it’s likely she’ll hit the town at some point, though the where and when is impossible to predict. She could crash a show something and jam out, or she could pull a Justin Bieber and go climb a tree in the Public Garden. She could literally show up anywhere; her recent dive bar tour proves she’s not above slumming it, and her chameleon-like musical ability leaves an open door for her to spring up in the unlikeliest of scenes.

Despite known for being an excessively open book, Gaga has been tight-lipped about most of her tour activities thus far, but we’ve decided to have some fun and cobble together some potential places she might turn up at after her Friday night show at Fenway.

House of Blues for Brian Newman’s performance

Aside from the obvious close proximity to Fenway, a safe bet for Gaga’s aftershow whereabouts is the House of Blues. Pal and collaborator Brian Newman will be performing “after hours” jazz trumpet sets at the Lansdowne Street venue on September 1 and 2, both of which run from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., which align nicely in following Gaga’s sets at the ballpark. Newman contributed to Gaga’s Grammy-award-winning album Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett, and Gaga is also the godmother of his only daughter (hence, his mini-tour aligns with many of the major Joanne tour dates). Needless to say, the bond here is strong, and the gig is absurdly close to her own, so she might just be mingling in the mezzanine around midnight. Plus, the Foundation Room provides a safe VIP haven escape if she’s suddenly spotted hanging by the bar.

The Silhouette Lounge in Allston

Prior to launching her latest record Joanne, Gaga went on a mini-dive tour (sponsored by Bud Light, who else?) to debut some of her new songs from the album. An additional dive show was even scheduled for July, but was cancelled to give Gaga more time to prep for her world tour. If there’s a dive she’s bound to single out in Boston, why not head over to Allston’s Silhouette, which should be a madhouse now that the students are back in town. Besides, even Gaga couldn’t resist that popcorn.

Howl at the Moon in downtown Boston

If Gaga’s really in the mood to show off to all of the Boston plebs, it could be at a hoppin’ piano bar where she can walk in, part the sea of people, and have whoever is playing the piano leave their post and genuflect — and that’s Howl at the Moon. This one seems almost too obvious.

Boston Common

This is likely more of a Saturday morning or afternoon destination, but hell, if it’s a good enough spot for Bieber to go meditate in a tree, it’s good enough for Gaga. Also, most of the luxe hotels in Boston surround the Common, so if’s she’s staying at the Four Seasons or the Taj, she’s basically right there. If she ends up riding a Swan Boat, we’ll have a full report on Vanyaland the following morning.

Great Scott for the WITCHTRAP show

Remember when Gaga performed with Metallica on live television at the Grammys …and actually nailed it? Known for strutting around in old Iron Maiden and Anthrax tees, Gaga’s a metalhead under all that pop gloss, so her rolling up to Great Scott Friday night to see Colombian thrash metal group WITCHTRAP isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. Ok, well, maybe it is, but with Gaga, anything is possible (and it certainly would generate morning-after headlines from all the music websites).

Featured image via Lady Gaga’s Facebook. Follow Victoria Wasylak on Twitter @VickiWasylak.