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He Went To Jared: ‘2036: Nexus Dawn’ fills in a gap between ‘Blade Runner’ films


Collider dropped a surprising Blade Runner 2049 video this morning: 2036: Nexus Dawn, a short film starring Jared Leto’s character from the full-length feature. It’s the first of three short films made by a series of directors (the other two have yet to be announced), each who will bring their own style and visual flair to filling the gaps in our history of the Blade Runner timeline (watch the film’s first two trailers here and here).

The first one, directed by Sir Ridley’s son, Luke Scott, takes place in the middle of the timeline, roughly 12 years after the EMP detonation that led to the outlawing of replicant production. Our boy Niander Wallace (Leto), who solved world hunger after shit got real, wants to make more of those replicants, but certain powerful people have doubts that he can keep them under his control (here’s the Road for 2049 site for your timeline questions).


It’s an interesting short!

We’re surprised at how much we like what Leto’s doing here, given that we always seem to hate him in whatever movies he appears in, but his weird guru bullshit that fails him so often is brilliantly creepy here. Scott hasn’t really found that visual niche that so defined the other members of his family, but that’s fine (Remember when he was going to direct Prometheus? Remember when it was just called “the Space Jockey movie” by everybody?). His first film, Morgan, kind of sucked, but hey! Most do. It’s not like we miss the actual director of the full-length movie, Denis Villeneuve, at all! Still, this is a great way to whet the palate for the tones of the new film, and we can’t wait for more of these to hit the net over the coming days. Who’s gonna come up next?

Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters on October 6. Only a few more weeks, y’all.