Harvard Scare: The Devil’s Twins unleash the fury of ‘American Noir’ in Cambridge



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There’s a throwdown set for Saturday night. And we’re not talking about Conor McGregor verses Floyd Mayweather.

Boston duo The Devil’s Twins are set to unleash the fury of new album American Noir Vol. 1 at The Sinclair, and if its ferocious lead single “Satan Stone” is any indication, is should inspire quite a rise out of the Cambridge crowd. “Satan Stone,” which features a guest drop from rapper/actor Slaine, is graphically augmented in true Devil’s Twins style with an eye-catching video from Hive.studio, which you can feast your presumably innocent eyes on below.

The song, like the album itself, suggests something darker brooding just beneath the surface. A band that is both boldly cinematic and susceptibly raw, it mirrors how the Twins roll, from a spirited run to the 2016 Rock And Roll Rumble semi-finals to cultivating one of the more intense and gritty live shows around town.

So what is it, exactly?

“It’s the unidentifiable ‘something’ inside of the few of us,” writes Twins guitarist and vocalist Jeremiah Louf in the album’s press notes. “An inherent darker side that changes the lens we look through. What makes us keen to the darker, morbid side of life? What makes someone wear black? Because there’s no term for this foreboding trait, we took the liberty of calling it a ‘Satan Stone.’ The hook is written about someone trying to ‘help’ you by taking it from you, but it’s something that cannot be taken away. Maybe there’s a satan stone inside all of us, maybe some people hide it better.”

Nothing will be hidden this Saturday, that’s for sure. Joining the Devil’s Twins are Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys and Julie Rhodes, a stacked local bill that ends the summer in sinister style.