New Sounds: Camino 84 delivers the summer jam we’ve all needed in ‘Sounds Fake But OK’

Photo Credit: Lee Delulio


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Camino 84 knows a thing or two about summer jams.


Last year around this time, the Boston DJ/producer dropped Rare Gems & Killer Grooves from the WRBB Archives, a historical two-hour collection of disco, boogie, funk, and other summertime sounds culled from more than 7,000 records archived at Northeastern University’s student-run station, 104.9 FM. Today, the man born Ryan Lucht is back with a seasonal sensation of his own flavor, titled “Sounds Fake But OK” and featuring guest vocals by Sidney Gish — and it’s exactly what we need to liven up these summer doldrums.

In the past we’ve dubbed Camino 84 a “fresh-faced disco revivalist,” but “Sounds Fake But OK” takes things to another level, one way past simple revivalism and one of his own masterful doing. The track is warm, woven, and familiar, and while remarkably astute in its awareness of inspiration, never allows influential whispers to become a scream. Camino 84 has taken so many different elements of style and sound and filtered them through his own dance music lens, the end result is pure original bliss. It’s a throwback track of modern pursuits.

And so what we’re left with is one of the finest efforts of 2017, complete with a motherfucker of a vocal hook (courtesy of the sugar-voiced Gish) that will be lodged in your head from now until eternity (“You always know just what to say/Sounds fake but OK”). It picks up where Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. left off a few years ago, and serves as a reminder of just what summertime pop should sound and feel like.


But wait, there’s more! “Sounds Fake But OK” is the first offering off Camino 84’s upcoming LP, New Mutant Disco, which is out three weeks from today (August 22). In addition to Gish, who appears on two of the 10 tracks, the record also features guest appearances by MCs KOOL A.D and Latrell James. It already has a lot to live up to after this first taste, but we’re eager to get drunk on the juice Camino 84 is casually slinging across his disco.

Featured photo by Lee Delulio/via Camino 84 on Facebook.