Don’t tell Lars this dude is out here giving metal away for free


We’ve all congregated and brainstormed about how to keep “the scene alive,” but the answer might be a touch simpler than we all thought.

In the midst of “yard sale season” (read: crap season), heroic Facebook user Steve Brown posted a video of a topless dude shredding in his yard adjacent to a sign reading “free metal.” The open-air riffs, which we ID as Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy,” go on for a quick 48 seconds, but it’s all we need for inspiration — and the price is right.

Please don’t tell Lars about this.


Brown’s video was posted July 16 and has since been making the rounds of Facebook with 1.8 million views thus far — in addition to 31,000 likes and more than 52,000 shares, as of our Sunday press time. It’s captioned “KEEPING THE SCENE ALIVE” and was tagged in Bridgewater, New Jersey. After blowing up on Facebook, Brown has now posted the clip to YouTube; watch it below.

And remember — if you’re in the New Jersey suburbs these days, go on and get that free metal fix.

Featured photo via Steve Brown/YouTube.