Boston’s We Are Not Trump group compiling ‘American Singles’ series for Fourth Of July



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For better or worse, the people behind Boston-based activism group We Are Not Trump have been mighty busy over the past few months. Their two #WANT benefit compilations, both arriving earlier this year, one just before January’s Inauguration Day and the other in February for President’s Day, have raised more than $1,000 for the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood.

And now the group is back with another effort, an extended cover-song series titled “American Singles.”

“As the Trump presidency has limped across the 100 day milestone its efforts to discriminate against religions in the name of safety and American citizens in the name of religion, just to scrape the surface, have been exhausting,” writes #WANT co-founder Christopher G. Brown. “Fortunately, with some of the worst in people we have seen some of the best. The courts of the United States, many Republican lawmakers, even Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone are all standing up for what is right; the simple — but apparently difficult — act of being decent to other people.”

The series is a different look from the first two #WANT comps, but the directive remains in line. “American Singles” will features a pair of songs each week — “a cover of an American national artist’s song and a b-side of a cover of a participating #WANT artist’s tune,” Brown writes — starting on or around July 4. “We feel that this will not only be a great way to foster community amongst participating musicians, but also with covers of larger artists a friendly point of entry for civilians.”

Here are the three requirements, reposted from the #WANT page:

1. Record a cover song of YOUR choosing of an American act. This can be any national act from any point in time. It can be political in nature, or it can be that pop gem you’ve always wanted to sing. All are acceptable, though follow the #WANT ethos: keep it smart, keep it eloquent. We reserve the right to decline any song that does not fit in with the #WANT approach.

2. Record a cover of OUR choosing of another #WANT band participating in this project. You can pick the song, and feel free to reach out to each other for advice, lyrics, tabs or what have you.

3. Submit BOTH by July 1, no exceptions. Submissions of one song will not be included in this project; it is two or nothing.

To sign up, hit the #WANT Facebook page. We’re told trolls will be rejected and all participation will be monitored, so those who aren’t on side need not bother. Listen to their first two comps below.