Beyond The Valley Of 2017: Watch the trailer for ‘Plasmatics – Live! Rod Swenson’s Lost Tapes 1978-81’

It’s been nearly 20 years since the legendary Wendy O. Williams died back in 1998, and the world of rock and roll has been suffering ever since. The iconic and trailblazing singer of New York’s Plasmatics was from another planet, and now her controversial exploits are re-examined in a new DVD titled Plasmatics – Live! Rod Swenson’s Lost Tapes 1978-81.

Watch the trailer below, and scan the track list and cover artwork.

Plasmatics – Live! compiles the punk and metal group’s early years, is said to feature recently discovered live footage never seen before, pulled from the personal archive of co-creator and manager Rod Swenson. The DVD is out May 19; get purchase information here, here, and here.

From the press release: “Recently during the moving of Wendy O. Williams/Plasmatics archive material the footage here was found unlabeled in buried boxes. While much had degraded producer/director Randy Shooter was able to discover, relabel, and with additional editing and restoration, salvage the rare and remarkable footage in this DVD. A lot of it is raw (and much of the audio is the audio from ambient video deck mics, noise and all) but the energy and power is there straight through. The material includes two tracks from CBGBs the first of which was among the first Plasmatics shows ever as well as other footage from benchmark shows. A bonus track (“Monkey Suit”) features footage shot by Swenson when he was shooting the iconic album cover for New Hope for the Wretched, but never released.”

Plasmatics – Live! Rod Swenson’s Lost Tapes 1978-81 track list:
“Want You (Baby)” (July 26, 1978)
“Tight Black Pants” (June 9, 1979)
“Dream Lover” (May 17, 1980)
“Sometimes I Feel It” (May 17, 1980)
“Squirm” (May 17, 1980)
“Butcher Baby” (May 17, 1980)
“Living Dead” (May 15, 1981)
“Summer Night” (May 15, 1981)
“Fast Food Service” (May 15, 1981)
“Nothing” (June 19, 1981)
“Summer Night” (June 19, 1981)
“Sex Junkie” (September 22, 1981)
“Squirm” (September 22, 1981)
“Lunacy” (September 22, 1981)
“Black Leather Monster” (September 22, 1981)
“Monkey Suit” (June 18, 1980)