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New Sounds: Thanks to Hellrazor, being ‘Covered In Shit’ has never been so colorful



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Straight up and off the top: Your assumptions are fucking with you.


Here we have a New Haven band called Hellrazor, with DNA ties to New England luminaries like Speedy Ortiz and Ovlov, and last week they supplied a new video for their latest track “Covered In Shit.” Now tell us, before pressing play, where has your mind gone? To the horror film franchise? To the 2Pac song? To the time you woke up on the second floor of that the weird former motel space behind Refuge Cafe in Allston fully submerged in a pile of feces?

Now shake free of that feeling and dive into Hellrazor’s new joint, a fuzzed-out, breezy bass-cruched number that bounces along a colorfully distorted video that is said to be inspired by JFK Conspiracies, Melkbelly’s “Elk Mountain” and the Beastie Boys’ classic “So What Cha Want.”

The track is also catchy as fuck, which might elude you as you get lost in the visuals, curated by the video’s director, THATbirdDID. The clip was premiered by the good peeps at Allston Pudding last week, but you can dive into it below. It’s purely coincidental that we are posting this on 4/20.


Hellrazor has a few shows south of us coming up this spring, and you can keep track of those via their Bandcamp. We’ll shout when they return to Boston.