New Sounds: Lunawolf dial up a long-distance electronic rock rager in ‘Invisible’


If one wants to be noticed, perhaps the best way is to create a sound that’s impossible to ignore.

That’s the approach by Lunawolf, a new long-distance electronic rock collaboration from Arizona’s Chan Redfield (Dead Eyes of London, Redfield, and Harper and The Moths) and Colorado-based Jim Wilcox (Authority Zero). This week the duo drops Self-Titled EP, and the standout jam is a mountainous synth-spiked cocktail of emotion titled “Invisible.”

The towering track, with combines aspects of EDM with traditional rock and roll instrumentation, marks the first bit of collaboration between Redfield and Wilcox. It likely set the blueprint for the ultra-polished and heady Lunawalf sound, one that was fine-tuned over email exchanges, phone calls, and Dropbox uploads.


“‘Invisible’ is what started this entire project, originally written as a vocal and keys only song, but Jim got his hands on it and made it explode and Lunawolf was born,” says Redfield. “This song is about being unnoticed by someone you’re infatuated with; you live out this whole amazing life together in your head, but in reality they’ve never noticed you, you’re just a ghost to them — invisible.”

Lunawalf is no longer a ghost to us, and that’s a far better reality than any ill-conveived love affair. Listen to “Invisible” below, and for those feeling particularly ambitious, dig deeper for their modernized cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”.