New Sounds: Fusilier exorcises his inner turmoil in powerful new video for ‘Make You’


Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

We’re now in Year Two or Year Three or Year Whenever of the miserable hiatus of RIBS, one of Boston’s finer rock and roll bands of the past 15 years or so. As we hang tight on the experimental trio’s inevitable resurrection, former bass player Fusilier is making his own moves as a solo artist.

Last week Fusilier’s new video for the shapeshifting alt-pop/R&B track “Make You” premiered on Afropunk, and the clip is a visually striking exhibition of the multi-instrumentalist examining skin color. The clip was directed and recorded by Fusilier himself, and the subject is quite personal to the Atlanta-born and now New York-based musician.

“I look at my body and what little I know of my family’s story and can’t help but think that I am a most American thing,” Fusilier says. “I’m talking about the mixture of marriages and what I can only assume to be rapes amongst oppressors, the enslaved and the original inhabitants that gave me my coarse hair, jawline and skin and this name, ‘Fusilier’. The ‘Make You’ video is a very publicly exorcism of my inner turmoil knowing that people will always see in me themselves and the other, friend and enemy, lust and aversion.”

Greatness begins from within.