New Sounds: Daydream for summertime with Lana Del Rey’s video for ‘Love’

We could be wrong, but this weekend’s thaw in Boston could be directly related to the release of Lana Del Rey’s new song “Love,” a cruisin’ ode to youth that just wouldn’t mix with the winter doldrums of New England. Following the release of the song on Saturday evening, Del Rey has released a five-minute music video for “Love” to prep us for life post-Honeymoon.

While Del Rey’s last video for “Freak” pushed the limits of her California aesthetic by recruiting Father John Misty to play a Charles Manson-like cult leader, “Love” keeps it simple with montages of teens dabbling in nearly-reckless behavior and black and white shots of the songstress crooning onstage. Aside from some green screen magic that transports Del Rey to the moon, the video harkens back to the pop star’s more simple videos, like “Video Games.”

Del Rey has a history of sporadic releases. She first shocked us in 2015 with her random upload of the “Honeymoon” audio to Youtube, which many fans found before she even posted the link to social media. “Love” arrived in a similar fashion, with little more than some Hollywood-style movie posters to spread the word of the new tune.

Peep the video below and celebrate the warm weather while it lasts.