New Sounds: With rock on their side, Tom Baker And The Snakes ‘Make It Hurt’ so good



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We here at Vanyaland love to play the game of connecting the musical dots. As we hype new sounds from a band or collaborative project, we love to point out who is who, who plays in that other band, or who you might maybe know from something else. But we’re feeling all sorts of lazy this morning (TGIF! Long weekend ahead!), and, well, just look up ^ ^ ^.


You know those dudes. You know who they are. You know what bands they are in. Shit you’re probably in bands with them.

So we’re going to spend the rest of this post zeroed in on the belle of this band ball, Tom Baker And The Snakes. Sir Baker and his slithery crew have another rollicking guitar-rock romper of record, titled Lookout Tower, out next month on Rum Bar Records, and the first bits of musical booze are available to hear below in “Make It Hurt.”

The sextet boasts three electric guitars and enough hooks to dress a slasher film, and “Make It Hurt” is an expectedly intoxicating bit of rock and roll that eases up on the bullshit and fills the headphones with musical memories of better days. Tom Baker And The Snakes will be raising a pint next to those lost times and the uncertain ones ahead Saturday (February 25) at Sally O’Brien’s in Somerville, on true and tested bill with The Dents, Stars Like Ours, and Duck & Cover.


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