Get Ready: Peter Hook says massive New Order box sets are on the way


Back in 2008, New Order reissued collector’s editions of their first five full-length albums on compact disc, which, while looking aesthetically pleasant, ultimately ended up being a bit of a miss. Movement, Power Corruption & Lies, Low-Life, Brotherhood, and Technique were coupled with a bonus disc of b-sides, remixes, instrumentals and other rarities, but the tracklistings were incorrect and the sound quality was compromised, filled with glitches, crackles, and pops.

It was rumored that the master tapes weren’t used but rather the pre-existing vinyl editions to make the transfer of the music. Hardcore fans cited hundreds of errors, Warner Bros. UK and Rhino in the States were left with egg on their face and an sheepishly announced a disorganized recall.

Now there’s a chance for a bit of a do-over, as former New Order bassist Peter Hook told Diffuser this week that expanded editions are set to be released of the catalog, though he didn’t specify which albums would get the treatment when asked about a possible coffee-table book of the band’s merchandise, posters, and album covers.


“Warners are doing a collector’s series of the albums, a box set that will be more like that,” Hook tells the website. “I got a wonderful present for my 60th birthday which was Led Zeppelin II, complete with all the flyers and gig posters, a vinyl edition — it was wonderfully done, and I took it and showed it to Warner Bros. and said, ‘This is how our next reissue should be.’ You know, really give the fans something to treasure. We’re working towards that aim — thank God.”

Over the weekend, Hooky wrapped up a short book-signing tour in the States for his latest magnum opus, Substance: Inside New Order, which checks in at an astounding 768 pages. On the day of its U.S. release last week, Vanyaland presented an exclusive excerpt from Substance about the riot which took place in Boston following a New Order performance at the Opera House in 1985.

“I tried to feature a lot of tickets, flyers and things like that, but there simply wasn’t room to put them in, in the book,” Hooky tells Diffuser. “My ambition has always been to get all the collectible stuff together in one place, so that you just go to this place and see everything to do with New Order; the album sleeves, the flyers, the tickets, the t-shirts and everything. I’m still holding onto that ambition.”