Kurt Ballou offers free GodCity Studio time to record anti-Trump songs, inspires other producers to follow suit



Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

As America rages on against the Donald Trump administration, Kurt Ballou has positioned his studio to give young bands a louder voice. The Converge guitarist and producer/engineer is opening up his Godcity Recording Studio in Salem for bands to channel their aggression towards condemning President Trump and Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon, as well as the new administration’s vision for a new United States.


Ballou will record a band’s anti-Trump/Bannon or pro-social justice song this Monday, and won’t charge for the services. That’s the good news. The bad, for aspiring bands, is that it’s too late to get in the game, as Ballou’s Tuesday post to Facebook has generated national headlines and has been shared more than 650 times.
Balou writes:

“Boston-area friends: Are you as upset by what’s happening with our new administration as I am? Have a song with an overtly anti-Trump, anti-Steve Bannon, pro-social justice message? Want to record it for FREE at Godcity next Monday, Feb 6? (my only free day for a while) HMU. info@godcitystudio.com. If you have a practice recording of it, link me. If you’re interested but live far away, don’t worry, I’m soliciting other recording engineers in other parts of the country to do the same. #nobannowall #fuckthisshit”

Ballou followed up his post with a new message yesterday, saying he was surprised but encouraged by the response, and the offer from his Salem studio is now closed.


“Regarding my post yesterday about me recording your protest songs for free: I am absolutely blown away by the number of people who’ve reached out. Your enthusiasm and solidarity gives me hope for the future. I’m still catching up on emails, but I’ve settled on several local bands to work with already, so submissions are now closed. If I can find time to do more of this in the future I will let you know. Also, I shouldn’t have mentioned the possibility of a comp in my previous post, so I’ve edited that part out. I think a comp would rule, but releasing records is out of my skill sets and not something I can offer at this time.”

Further good news is that Ballou’s gesture has inspired other producers and engineers to make the same offer across the country. Here’s a sampling of the efforts: